How has the economic crisis affected the environment?



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    It depends on who your refering to. For individual business (especially business not centered in renewable energy but having that being only one aspect) it may have hurt them because they have to scale back in every department, and renewable energy might not be a very profitable sector for them right now. For other companies, new economic incentives made to foster green initiative may have helped them to grow. In general, governments are using stimulus in new industries (such as renewable energy) to create jobs in an attempt to boost their economies.


    It comes down to a term coined by the Bruntland Commision: sustainable developement. This term refers to economic developement that is enviromentally responsible and economically sustainable in the long run. The environment and market should work together, not against each other, in order to produce realistic, sustainable goals that will allow everyone to be better off in the long run (and the short run too)

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    In an economic recession, trends show that people spend (and thus, consume) less.  Because consumption directly corrollates with GHG emissions (carbon footprint needed to produce, supply, use, dispose of products and services), lower consumer spending thus corrollates with a (slightly) smaller carbon footprint. 

    Additionally, in our current economic crisis, the rising costs of oil have conspired to raise awareness about our dependency on fossil fuels and their finite nature.  Green initiatives gain support from those willing to spend to get out of the recession (funding innovative green technologies), but receive backlash from fiscal conservatives who believe funding these projects is too expensive in the midst of a recession.  Thus, the economy can have both positive and negative effects on the environment. 

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