How has domestication helped the US and other western countries develop?



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    Domestication of food sources e.g. food crops and livestock, began long before the United States existed; in fact, domestication has been argued as a main impetus for the rise of civilization and culture. Imagine an existence in which all food sources had to be found or hunted; humans as a species were nomadic foragers before agriculture allowed us to settle into villages. Such an existence was filled with uncertainty, malnutrition, premature death, and all around danger. Imagine how many people got sick from trying wild plant varieties whose qualities were unknown; however if one could find a plant variety that was not poison, it would be advantageous to remember how to exploit the specie. Domestication can be called the process by which humans modify the environment in order to exploit it more effectively; a key component is artificial selection which entails selective breeding through which only the most desirable traits are passed to the next generation. With the advent of domestication, food becomes abundant and fewer people are needed for its procurement, leaving others with free time to develop art, science, mathematics, and philosophy. Domesticated agriculture thus creates a class of farmers who retain and pass the knowledge of farming; in turn, those who are not farmers may pursue different fields, like metal workers, doctors, politicians, etc. thereby expanding the collective knowledge of a group.

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