How has desertification become a global problem?



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    The link below leads to a Global Desertification Vulnerability Map, showing areas that are highly threatened by desertification. Many of these areas are agricultural, raise livestock, or are home to species already in turmoil. Such a widespread threat, if it were to be realized, could be devastating on a huge level.

    Desertification is also a cause of human displacement. As more and more people become displaced by desertification, other areas become crowded and their ecosystems bear an even greater burden. Desertification can lead to both migration and immigration.

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    Many many places are affected by it (more than 100 countries and 1/4 of the earth). Desertification can lead to unsuitable land for crops, for homes, and for water resources. See below for more details on it.

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    Yes. Desertification is happening in places where it shouldn’t due to our mistreatment of the soil, to the point where it is not able to be used for growing crops. Every year, 6,000,000 hectares of agricultural land are lost because of desertification. The issue is far worse in Africa than it is in the west. You can read more about it in the link below. 

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