How has Daniel Suelo lived without money or government aid for 9 years?



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    According to Details magazine, Daniel Suelo lives in a cave and eats scavenged food such as bugs, plants, roadkill and food found in dumpsters or given to him by friends. He lives by “Giving up possessions, living beyond credit and debt,” he explains on his blog, “freely giving and freely taking, forgiving all debts, owing nobody a thing, living and walking without guilt . . . grudge [or] judgment.” To read more, see this article by Details magazine:

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    Daniel Shellabarger, goes by the name Suelo and believes that money is an illusion, a mass delusion that the majority of the 6.5 billion in the world ascribe to, but that that does not make it any more real. His motto is to freely give and freely receive. For the details of his near decade without money I suggest you ask him yourself at Below you’ll also find the link to his blog to get your started.

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    I had never heard of Suelo until today… but it sounds to me like he has been living as “A Leaver”! which means he does not take from the Earth more than he himself can give back; and he respects the world and the environment (and life in general) enough that he conserves. Clearly he values its preservation. He lives a basic, subsistence lifestyle. We need to blend what he is doing with what we have been conditioned and trained to do ourselves. There’s an appropriate balance — he is an extreme Leaver; but I’d say that is probably more righteous and worthy of respect and praise than being an extreme Taker! I’m going to email him I think – Thanks vagamundo.

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