How has curbside recycling helped more people recycle?



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    A company called RecycleBank has recently started a program with Verizon Wireless to reward people for “green actions such as curbside recycling, servicing more than 300 communities across the United States and in the United Kingdom.” The people who participate in the program can potentially earn hundreds of dollars of rewards points each year for recycling, which can definitely be a good incentive to push for more curbside recycling. 

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    Curbside pick-up recycling has made it very assessible for anyone to recycle. In the past people would have to collect their recycling and drive it to a center. The center may only take certain products, meaning the person may have to drive to another center or throw away items that could be recycled.

    Curbside pickup often does not require the person to sort their items, but rather to place them in a bin separate from the trash. Pick up is every other week in most locations and is very easy. The cost is typically included with the normal trash pickup.

    This convenience has been an excellent means to encourage more people to recycle!

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