How has conservation helped save some species?



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    Conservation is a pretty broad term with many disciplines, but conservation of land has saved many habitats from destruction, thereby saving species. 

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    Preserving animal habitats allows for animals to live in their natural surroundings. 

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    Conservation has helped save species like the bald eagle, the perigrine falcon and the grey wolf.  All of these species were listed as endangered and have since been taken off the list.  Preserving their habitats, stopping the use of DDT and making hunting illegal has helped all of these species. 

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    Conservation has also helped educate people to understand what’s endangering this animals.  A lot of times, products sold on the market use animal material or material derived from their habitats.  By spreading the awareness, we can make wiser choices as to the products we buy.  One particular example is the use of palm oil, which is the leading cause of endangerment for orangutans.  If we stop buying products with palm oil, they will stop eliminating the habitat orangutans need for survival.  The light on this issue has been shined by the conservationists who work to protect them, and is now spreading to the general public.

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