How has China tried working on climate change?



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    One of their efforts that is well known but may not be readily recognized as an effort to decrease the rate of climate change is their one child policy, which has existed for decades. Controlling the growth rate and population of the country decreases the potential amount of resources the country would need to use if the policy did not exist.  

    As an additional source, this document provides a bulk of China’s efforts to mitigate climate change that are already in place and future efforts. 

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    In 2009, China, in partnership with the U.S., launched the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center, a consortia of more than 150 American and Chinese researchers focused on energy efficient building design, clean automobiles and clean coal. China’s also been calling for a binding Climate Change Treaty in 2011 that would force the U.S. and other wealthy countries to make deeper commitments to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas reductions. So, China, at least on paper, seems genuine about attempting to reduce its carbon impact. But China’s commitment is contingent on the concomitant commitment (indeed, the leadership) of wealthy countries like the U.S.

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    China’s Five Year Plan for 2006-2010 set specific goals for a 10 percent reduction in major pollutants and a 20 percent reduction in energy consumption per unit of GDP by the year 2010.  But as of 2010, China had only reduced its energy consumption per unit of domestic product by 14 percent, falling 6 percent short of it’s original goal.  The Chinese government has repeatedly admitted that it has failed to meet its own standards for reducing it’s environmental impact, and that levels of most pollutants are still on the rise.

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    Outside of governmental policy, many people in rural China (especially in the Sichuan province) have begun producing biogas from human and animal waste to satisfy energy needs.

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