How has California been able to improve their air quality since the 80’s?



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    Many, many changes have been made since the 1980s that have helped improve the air polution in California.  Some major events have been 1) 1n 1984 the California Smog Check Program went into effect; 2) In 1992 the Phase I CA clean burning gasoline came into the market, eliminating the use of leaded gasoline. This was followed by a cleaner burning diesel gas in 1993 and Phase II CA cleaner burning gasoline in 1996; 3) In 2003 the Air Resources Board put a ban on all outdoor residential waste burning…

    The list is extensive and many faceted. It includes many more mandates, laws, bans, regulations, and studies. It is fascinating and you can read all about it on the California Government website listed in the citations.   

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    California has been aware of their air quality as an issue since the 50s. There have been extensive efforts to clean it up, and they are working to some extent. California houses the larges sea port in the nation and the land vehicles that service this port are all electric or bio-fueled. This was due to the enormous amount of running and idling diesel engined recieving and transporting cargo. Despite the admirable efforts of the region, L.A. still has the worst air quality in the country.

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