How has Brazil used their government to help the environment?



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    The Brazilian government puts forth numerous efforts to help the environment. The Brazilian Forest Service, created in 2006, aims to use resources of the Amazon forest in a more sustainable manner. The government has also reduced deforestation practices. In 2010, deforestation was reduced by 70%. Although Brazil accounts as a contributing factor of large amounts of greenhouse gases, the country is aiming to reduce its emissions through the use of renewable energy and other sustainable efforts by 36.1%-38.9% by the year 2020. In addition, Brazil created the National Climate Change Fund, which helps to finance climate changing policies.

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    Brazil has a controversial law with may or may not be a good thing for the environment. Brazil allows poor people who have occupied land for a certain number of years to stake a legal claim to it. Fighting poverty tends to be a good thing for the environment in the long-run because wealthy nations tend to have a lower birth rate and the population stops growing, but at the cost of deforestation it may not be the best thing for the region.

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