How has art been used to help spread awareness of environmental problems?



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    Environmental art is a great way to spread environmental awareness. A fairly recent idea, using art to increase awareness of environmental issues has really only picked up in the last half of the 20th century. Many artists have worked with discarded materials and “junk,” thus raising awareness of waste. John Fekner’s “Toxic” mural under the Long Island Expressway is intended to draw attention to the widespread pollution in Queens, NY.

    A really interesting new idea is the “renewable energy sculpture,” which is a sculpture that is both art and generates power from sustainable sources. These are good examples of artwork working to indicate environmental issues.

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    Artists are becoming aware of the environmental problem associated with end of life products and not recyclable materials. They are thus trying to create some kind of art out of them. It is a relatively new trend to reuse things. It gives people an image how they could use their waste to make things that are unique and decorative. All over the world examples can be found of such things. 

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    Times Square is using eco-friendly billboards that project designs via wind and solar energies.  Not only do they visually broadcast a message, but they support the IDEA behind them message.  Much like artists who use reusable materials to create their art.  It’s all a form of beauty and function, also called beautility.  Except now it’s taken to another degree…Eco-beautility.

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