How has apple removed toxics from their electronics?



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    By 2010, Apple plans to completely cease the usage of toxic chemicals, and certain types of flame retardants from their products. Since 2008, Apple stopped using arsenic in their displays on their computers, as well as ceasing the use of mercury in their backlights, choosing instead to use LED lighting.

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    In 2006, Apple stopped using cathode-ray tubes in their products, on average each CRT contains 3 pounds of lead. Apple products meet the requirements for Europe’s restricting toxic chemicals in electronics, their latest act RoHS, in regards of on cadmium, hexavalent chromium and brominated flame retardants years before RoHS went into effect. By the end of 2008, Apple planned on completely eliminating the use of arsenic in its displays, PVCs and BFRs. Apple plans on reducing and eventually eliminating the use of mercury by switching to LED backlighting. Each year, their percentage of their E-waste that gets recycled only continues to go up.

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