How has Africa made progress in providing its citizens with clean water?



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    Since Africa is a continent and not a nation, we cannot gauge how it is providing “its citizens” with clean water, since no one is really a citizen of Africa. So the water situation varies greatly from nation to nation, region to region. Clean water is not scarce, for example, in Morocco, but it can be hard to come by in Sudan.

    The nations in which clean water is scarce have been getting varied amounts of success in getting their citizens clean water. For some leaders, it just wouldn’t be profitable to provide clean water, so they don’t care to take much action regarding water crises. But some countries are passing legislation to provide water to their citizens. In South Africa, for example, “water providers, private and public, are now required by law to provide a basic minimum of water free of charge”. A collective called the Pan-Africa Chemistry Network, which includes scientists from across the African continent, is also trying to help tackle the water needs of those on the continent who do not have proper sanitation, irigation, and hydration.

    There are also many non-African industries and charities that aim to bring clean water to the nations of Africa, such as The Water Project (

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    Some years back an Irish university studied the effects of sunlight on water in clear(plastic) bottles left in the sunlight for 5+ hrs. They discovered that the ultraviolet rays killed off all bacteria and rendered the water perfectly safe to drink. The system works best if the water is filtered first to prevent ‘shadowing’ where bugs get behind particles of dirt and somehow escape the UV killing light.

    We use the same system for our spring water in summer. Even at 50degrees North the light though weaker than tropics is much longer – Sunrise is 05.33 Sunset 21.45 even today 2mts after mid-summer. So there’s more than enough sun light to purify our water in clear bottles.

    I’ve seen for myself in Africa how villagers will leave bottled water on the roofs of houses to clear and then ‘rack’ the clean-clear water off the sediment and use the ‘foul’ water for the gardens. 

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