How is deforestation harming the planet?



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    Forests act as the “lungs” of the earth, breathing in CO2 and breathing out Oxygen. Forests are an integral part of the ecosystem in many regions of the world, deforestation threatens these ecosystems. Eventually, deforestation could make the planet unlivable, if all of the trees were cut down, and there was nothing to filter the CO2 life could not be sustained. That is an unlikely scenario, but deforestation is a big factor in climate change, especially since more deforestation is from slash and burn agriculture.

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    Deforestation is also one of the largest factors impacting endangered species. A huge number of animals call these forests that are clear cut home and when so many trees are taken away, these animals have no where else to live. Animals like the Sumatran Tiger and Pandas are facing extinction because of clear cutting the worlds forests. Many small local tribes and communities also rely on the forests for a source of food and energy. If all these forests continue to be cut the way they are now, we could lose hundreds of species of animals as well as certain groups of people. 

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    Deforestation causes erosion, which can destroy crops and increase the spread of ground/water pollution from place to place. It also decreases air quality, as there are fewer plants to filter and produce breathable air.

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