How harmful to the environment are traditional fireplaces?



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    Well, wood-burning fireplaces do release nitrous oxides, carbon monoxides, organic gases, and particulate matter (according to the US Dept of Energy.) However, what pollutants are produced by woodburning directly relates to how clean you keep your fireplace/chimney and what sort of wood you’re burning in it. By utilizing a carbon monoxide sensor and an oxygen sensor, you can ensure to some degree that the air you’re breathing is relatively safe. You can also buy devices that trap pollutants and prevent them from leaving your chimney. Pellet stoves produce much less pollution, look into those!

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    Enough that the gases released during burning contribute greatly to air pollution, especially in urban centers. Some counties have recognized the increasing levels of carbon monoxide and particulate matter and have declared “Spare the Air” days. The Bay Area in CA prohibits wood burning on such days.

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