How harmful are pesticides to the environment?



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    Pesticides include inert ingredients which may be carcinogenic or toxic.  Listed below are the effects on human health:

    increased risk of leukemia

    cancers (lung, brain, testicular, lymphoma)

    increase in spontaneous abortions

    greater genetic damage

    decreased fertility

    liver and pancreatic damage


    disturbances to immune systems (asthma/allergies)

    increases in stillbirths

    decreased sperm counts


    Pesticides are also dangerous to other organisms.  Birds die after consuming granular pesticides.  Other animals may develop:


    abnormal thyroid function

    decreased fertility

    decreased hatching success

    demasculinization and feminization of males

    alteration of immune function


    Because only 5% of pesticides actually reach target weeds, their danger cannot be underestimated.

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