How hard is it to make your own dog food?



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    Not very hard at all. According to, “dog food should comprise 1/3 protein from meat, eggs or dairy products, 2/3 grains and vegetables.” There are a variety of recipes available online. Here is the simplest one I could find:

    Doggy Casserole

    1 cup boiled poultry, chopped

    ½ cup cooked brown rice

    ½ cup boiled mixed vegetables

    3 to 4 Tbsp unsalted chicken broth

    (Note: Salmon may occasionally be substituted for boiled poultry, with chicken broth omitted.)

    Stir together and serve at room temperature. A good doggy multivitamin/mineral supplement may be added for good measure. Be sure to store unused portions in a covered container in the refrigerator and discard remains after 3 days.

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    It isn’t hard at all.  In fact, there’s tons of recipes for different types.  Here’s a link below.

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