How hard is it to grow avocado’s?



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    Growing avocados requires a lot of patience and time. Growing actual avocado trees is not as hard, as they only require indirect sunlight and moist soil as well as a moderate climate. Waiting for flowers or even fruit can take up to seven years if they appear at all. Thus, perhaps consulting with your local plant nursery or someone very knowledgeable of gardening will ensure that your tree bears flowers and fruit.

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    Avocado plants are easy to start, but difficult to grow. I started growing three avocado trees from seeds shortly before I started college. My parents now have two of them still alive in the back yard. It has been almost five years, but they are only waist-high. I’ve done everything listed under seemama50‘s link, but somehow it just isn’t working. However, my parents do have thriving orange, apple and lemon trees in their back yard.

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