how to grow citrus tree in pots



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    It is pretty easy to do, just get a good potting soil to get the plant nutrients, add fertilizers often to keep it fed, water it about every 10 days, and try to keep it in a humid environment. Keep it inside in the winter so it wont be too cold, but don’t be afraid to keep it outside during the summer. 

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    Also, check for dwarf varieties. They won’t feel as cramped and will stay a more manageable size.

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    Like redjohn said, make sure your tree is a dwarf tree, because these varieties are made for smaller environments. Make sure your pot is big enough – 15 gallons or 36 inches in diameter is sufficient, though dwarf trees may require smaller containers. Choose an outdoor potting mix (even if your tree is indoors) that has good drainage. Make sure the tree gets 6-8 hours of full sun every day if it’s indoors. 

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