How is Greenpeace trying to stop genetically modified foods in Europe?



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    Greenpeace takes a strong stance against all genetically modified organisms (GMOs) due to their potentially detrimental affects on naturally occurring food sources. Last December, Greenpeace delivered the first European Citizens Initiative to John Dali, Commissioner of Health and Consumer Policy for the EU. Over one million signatures were collected of people supporting a moratorium on genetically modified crops to which Dali responded, “I can assure you that there is a political will to listen to everybody and one million signatures is a voice that we should listen to” ( Greenpeace activists are continuously working to prevent further spread of GMO use in Europe. In May of 2011, activists were arrested for protesting a warehouse storing GMO potatoes for planting. The efforts of Greenpeace seem to be on going and persistent to help put an end to GMO use in Europe. 

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