How is green technology effected by politics?



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    Funding. Funding. Funding. Research grants and government funded projects are the key ingredients in any large scale green technology project. If there is a likelihood that the new invention or process is going to be beneficial to the society as a whole, then it is the government’s prerogative to fund such a venture. Jobs are created when money is given out to start a new renewable energy project, and politicians decide who is going to get that money and how much should go to what project!

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    When politicians believe strongly in a cause or research, the provide federal funding for certain projects. If the government ever wishes to install solar panels or wind turbines, they contract out to a company that manufactures and installs these devices. Government contracts are usually the most fruitful for companies that produce green technologies, and have been rising in the last few years. Many government buildings are installing solar panels for power and revamping their facilities to be more eco-friendly. I perceive that the government will be the biggest customer for green technologies in the near future, as they are already beginning to do so. 

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