How green are Whole Foods and Trader Joes?



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    I think “green” is not their primary motivation so much as providing their customers with healthy food. (I shop Whole Foods.)

    I very well understand that my organic lettuce is produced at a premium. Being “green”, per se, has nothing directly to do with it. You can see that pretty clearly: It’s one thing what is most healthy for my own body. Quite another what is “best” for the planet.

    Of course, these are big problems for which there are no obvious and easy answers. Protecting my body? That has the advantage that I can tell for myself what food makes me feel better. But the disadvantage, for those who, on account of my spending habits, are forced to eat much less good food?

    Who can say? These aren’t shallow philosophical waters!

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    Whole foods gets 100% of their energy from wind power. They also use compostable plates/bowls in the dining areas. They supposedly save packing peanuts and donate them to the shipping facilities and also work with suppliers to eliminate styrofoam in shipping. New stores are constructed from green materials. Spoiled produce and biodegradable waste is sent to regional composting sites.

    Trader Joes agreed to only sell sustainable seafood starting the day before 2013. Not sure about much else.

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