How green are new cars on the market?



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    Some are, some aren’t. A lot of car companies are making moves to come out with hybrid vehicles, even some companies that ride more on being considered luxury than economical, like Lexus. Even Cadillac is producing a hybrid Escalade. But still, the 2012 All-Wheel Drive Premium Escalade, which is likely to be the version most seeking luxury spur for, gets 13 miles per gallon.  So on the whole, companies are making efforts to green their cars, to the extent that compared to the auto industry ten years ago, new cars are much, much greener. That is not to say, however, that there has been a complete 180 in the production of cars.

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    Luckily, cars are also getting more fuel efficient, which I suppose could qualify them as “green.”  The average mpg of cars in the U.S. is increasing each year, but that is partially due to the fact that hybrid cars get great gas mileage and electric cars can get upwards of 75 miles to the “gallon.” 

    Large vehicles like trucks will still most likely continue to be fairly inefficent until people start demanding that they become “greener.”

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