How green are CNG vehicles?



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    They are pretty green.  They are virtually non-toxic,  with hardly any smog-forming emissions.  Natural gas is one of the cleanest buring fuels available to us today.  However, natural gas is still considered a fossil fuel and must be drilled – which requires the burning of more fossil fuels. 

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    Good question, Worsham.  A compressed natural gas vehicle (CNG), or more commonly, a natural gas vehicle (NGV) is way more green than a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle.  NGVs produce 90-97% less carbon monoxide, 25% less carbon dioxide, 35-60% less nitrogen oxide, as well as some more benefits.  As compared to a hybrid, they still seem to be more green because they don’t require the importation of foreign oil.  Still, they are not as green as something like an electric car, because there are no emissions at all for them.  If there electricity is obtained from a renewable source such as hydroelectric, wind, or solar power, then electric cars are the most green.

    Hope this helps!

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