How is the government helping LED’s?



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    Good question, 14randall.  In many places, the government offers incentives for businesses to upgrade their lighting in parking garages, parking lots, and facilities to energy efficient LED lights.  In Texas, for example, the government will pay for up to 80% of the cost of installing these lights, so the money saved in energy bills will pay for the lights much sooner than if they had to pay for the entire project.  

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    Apparently under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, businesses that make their buildings more energy efficient through their lighting systems can have an average of $.60 per square foot in tax deductions. Higher reductions in projected energy use net a business more deductions per square foot, up to about 50%. LED light use much less energy and last much longer than normal incandescent bulbs, and also shine much brighter. I believe this tax credit incentive runs through the end of 2013. 

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