How is global warming becoming a national security issue?



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    As people’s abilities to grow their own food, have access to clean water, and overall quality of life begins to shift due to the effects of global warming (and exacerbated by overpopulation,) people are going to start fighting for a better life. That can mean mass migrations to countries like ours, increased violence, drug trafficking, terrorism, and war. It’s important to not only take care of ourselves, but our fellow citizens and fellow humans all around the world. 

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    Sadly, global warming isn’t really a national security issue. What is really the national security issue is our dependence on foreign oil; that is, attempts to go green are really more about consuming less oil from foreign countries than protecting the environment. That’s not to say that our leaders don’t care about the environment, but for most, the issue of global warming is still something that is off in the distant future. If our politicians truly believed that global warming was a near threat to our national security, we would be doing much, much more in fighting global warming.

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