How is global warming affecting the carbon cycle?



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    It isn’t really that global warming is affecting the carbon cycle, it’s more that the carbon cycle is affecting global warming. Carbon dioxide is an important component of our planet. We breath it out, it keeps our planet warm, and plants use it in photosynthesis. The carbon cycle refers to the transfer of carbon between the atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, and landmasses. Humans are pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere than the carbon cycle can naturally handle. Because of this, the CO2 is left lingering in the atmosphere where it traps heat from the sun on Earth. This contributes to global warming.

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    In the carbon cycle, the earth naturally regulates concentrations of carbon dioxide. If this concentration is upset, the system will gradually correct this disruption. However, pollution is releasing so much carbon into the atmosphere that the cycle cannot naturally regulate itself. This causes the earth’s temperature to increase. If anything, disruption of the carbon cycle is affecting (and perpetuating) global warming.

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    Global warming is affecting the carbon cycle in that one of global warming’s chief causes, excess carbon in the air, is putting an unnatural amount of carbon into the atmosphere. What that means is that heat will get trappend in the planet’s atmosphere without being allowed back into space as it normally would. Thus, carbon “traps” heat here on Earth, making things warmer; sometimes much, much warmer.

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