How is global warming affecting sharks?



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    There is a theory that global warming is linked to the surge in shark attacks. Basically, the theory goes that more sharks are appearing in places that they were seen less frequently due to global warming, but there is sketchy evidence on that at the present time.

    Also, some expect sharks to inhabit the waters near Antarctica within 100 years. If this happens, it could have drastic impacts on the ecology of the area, as such a predator is not known to be in the area today.

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    There is actually one species of shark that may benefit from global warming, believe it or not! Conservationists in Austrailia have been studying grey nurse sharks and their migration patterns. The two shark populations off the coasts of Austrailia are not able to migrate south due to the colder waters of the south. This leaves large populations of nurse sharks that withstand any sort of catastrophe. Not to mention that one of the two populations is critically endangered whereas the other is categorized as vulnerable. The scientists argue that of course, climate change is not the all-inclusive solution, but it won’t necessarily be a bad thing for the grey nurse shark.

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