How to get rid of white spots ?

I have a Fughter male and six Gold-Fish and 3 Angel Fish in one big tank and they all have white spots, how do i treat them I dont understand from the websites 🙁



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    It appears these fish are suffering from a parasite often known as ich. This may be treated by slowly heating up the water in your aquarium for two days until it reaches between 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of fish. It is also recommended that you put an appropriate medication in the aquarium (such as Malachite Green) and keep using it until 6 days after all symptoms have disappeared from your fish. If you are not sure which medications are appropriate, you should go to your local pet store and ask somebody there if which medicines are good for treating ich. You should also change the carbon filter on your aquarium, add an appropriate dose of aquarium salt to the aquarium, and make sure any plants or snails have been moved out of the aquarium while you are treating it.

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    I liked the answew that Valeriec5 has given. I am going to add a bit more detail to this answer. I have kept tropical fish for 14 years and periodically have had to deal with Ich.

    White Spot Disease is often a parasitical infestation by the ICH (Ichthyophthirius Multifilis.)

    Ich is an opportunistic parasite that waits for a drop in temperature to activate. It has a 9 day life cycle. Eight of the nine days that it lives, Ich is immune to medication. The very first day of its lift is the only day in which medication can kill it. The life cycle of Ich is as follows: 

    Stage I: The newly hatched Ich parasite is free swimming. It must have a host within 24 hours to survive.

     Stage II: The parasite has found a host an the embedding of the parasite begins. Ich will burrow under the skin of a fish where it will live and feast. The fishes skin will close around the parasite protecting it from medication. This is what causes the white spot to appear. The parasite will also begin to form a crystalline cyst which will then work its way out of the fishes skin and fall to the substrate.

     Stage III: The crystalline cyst will protect the parasite from medication while it reproduces within the cyst. Once reproduction is complete the cyst will break apart and millions of tiny free swimming parasites will begin to look for a host. The process starts again.

     To treat Ich: Warm the water as Valeriec5 described. Choose an appropriate medication that specifically is named to treat Ich. Remove the carbon filter as the carbon will absorb the medication. Follow the instruction on the medication package. Some salt should be added as it allows fish to extract oxygen from water more efficiently. Medication and other chemicals can remove oxygen from the water. Also of note should be the fact that warmer water holds less oxygen then cooler water.

    Warming the water reduces the life cycle of Ich from nine days to about 4 days and makes the medication more effective.

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