how to get clean water in mexico city without buying plastic

I want to get good drinking water in mexico city, but I can’t stand buying and drinking out of plastic. Especially for my kids. What are my options?



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    I can think of a few things you could do. 1) you can buy water bottled in glass. Yes, this is still more wasteful than not buying bottled water, but at least it’s not bottled in plastic. 2) Go to an outdoor recreation store in your area and buy a portable water filter. Or, you can order one online – REI has some great filters . There are some really good filters for camping and backpacking. They are easy to carry and light weight. It takes a little while to filter the water, but it does come out clean. 3) this would be my last option to turn to, but you could buy iodine tablets to purify your water. Iodine purifies the water, but also makes it taste funny. 

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