How is geolocation helping us become more green?



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    Here is a link to a blog that discusses 11 ways that geolocation is changing our world:

    It really sheds some ingenious light on the possibilities of geolocation and our current demand for it today in the form of mobile phone apps. Here are a couple things mentioned by Rob Reed, the founder of MomentFeed, a Location based marketing, strategy, and technology firm.

    100-Mile Diet. Sustainability demands that we eat close to our point of production as possible. This app allows you to search for food exclusively grown around a 100 mile radius of where you live.

    Finding Green Businesses. Using geolocation to finding greener businesses, ultimately promote a greener economy.

    Efficient Traveling.With more people using GPS features on their phone or GPS, they are becoming far better fuel efficient travelers on the road. As GPS technology is improving, we will even have the ability to compare the travel routes that have a smaller CO2 impact.

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