how is garbage bad for the environment?



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    There are probably a few too many ways to list here, but here is just a basic run down.  Garbage genrally ends up in landfills which encroach on wildlife and destroy local ecosystems.  Garbage buried in the ground can contaminate the soil around it with toxins, preventing life from growing in it and often times preventing further human development on top of it because of the health risks.  Garbage can also contaminate ground water and cause a health risk that way, as well.  Garbage also represents our over consumption of unnecessary resources on a finite planet with a population that is growing exponentially.

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    Trash bags in the ocean are commonly mistaken by animals such as sea turtles for jellyfish.  They eat them or become entangled in them, leading to digestive problems or drowning.  Many species of sea turtles are endangered and their numbers shrink every year because of careless people and litter.

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