How friendly is hydropower generating system to the environment ?



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    Hydropower is one of the most efficient energies out there but its environmental impact is variable.  Without a proper fish ladder system many fish and other aquatic fauna can be killed by the dam.  The rivers can be made less hazardous because many dams can control flooding by creating reservoirs.  These reservoirs can prevent people from taking water from underground sources but like any water source they can be abused.  Hydropower is one of the cleanest and most efficient sources around, but its environmental impact depends on how it is run.

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    Hydropower is pretty eco-friendly because it is clean and renewable. While it presents a cheap, excellent source of energy production, there are also cons to having hydropower, given that dams depend on rainfall for energy, so if there is a drought, energy production can be hindered. Additionally, dams cause a loss of nutrient flow, which can change the ecosystem below the dam. However, I think the pros outweigh the cons overall, since hydropower generated by dams eliminates some of the need for other, less clean methods of energy production, which would have more widespread effects.

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