How friction affects motion



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    Friction affects motion through resistance created between objects in motion in contact with one another.  The force behind it is caused by electromagnetic force between charged particles such as electrons and protons.  It is this that causes a moving object to slow down more quicker, not the roughness of the two surfaces.  Factors such as incline/gravity, applied force and kinetic energy (energy due to motion) all effect how friction affects motions.

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    Friction affect motion by slowing it down till it stops,
    Friction is the force of two surfaces in contact, or the force of a medium acting on a moving object (i.e air on an aircraft). It is not a fundamental force, as it is derived from electromagnetic forces between atoms. When contacting surfaces move relative to each other, the friction between the two objects converts kinetic energy into thermal energy, or heat. Friction between solid objects is often referred to as dry friction and between a solid and a gas or liquid as fluid friction.

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