How is Ford developing biofuel from Algae?



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    This year, Ford researchers visited Wayne State University’s National Biofuels Energy Laboratory, which is actively analyzing suitable algae strains that could be used as a feedstock for biodiesel. The Ford researchers, part of the company’s Systems Analytics and Environmental Sciences Department, also have conducted in-house research on the opportunities and challenges of producing biodiesel from algae oil.

    “Algae have some very desirable characteristics as a potential biofuel feedstock and Ford wants to show its support for any efforts that could lead to a viable, commercial-scale application of this technology,” said Sherry Mueller, Research Scientist, Ford Motor Company. “At this point, algae researchers are still challenged to find economical and sustainable ways for commercial-scale controlled production and culturing of high oil-producing algae.”

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    Here are some interesting photos relating to ford, biodiesel in general, and algae:

    A shot from’s article on a new company producing biofuels:


    Here’s another article from auto green blog, which proposes the fact that algae could produce hydrogen instead of just biodiesel:

    These are just two references, ideas to move you forward in thoughts about the whole neatness of algae’s possible uses.


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