How is felt made?



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    Felt is made by matting wool. You start off with wool and pull off tufts of it. Then, you lay it down horizontally. You lay the first tuft of wool horizontally, then place the next tuft beside that one, layering slightly. Once you have the first layer to the size and shape you want, you add the second layer. The second layer goes on top of the first layer vertically. You’re going to want 4 to 6 thin layers to get the right feel, and you want to avoid gaps or holes in your layers. Then, you get a piece of netting (not like fishing net, you need it to be much smaller), place it over the wool. You get a soapy sponge and begin pressing on the netting to wet the wool. You want to make sure you dry it with a towel, but leave some moisture in the wool so the fibers can stick together. Then you remove the netting and let the felt dry. There are pictures of the process in the link below.

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    Processes of manufacture vary according to fibers used and purpose intended. Woven felt is first made into coarse cloth, given a heavy nap by teaseling, then ironed down.

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