How feed do horses need every day?



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    I’m going to read your question as ‘how much feed does a horse need every day’. This appears to vary, understandably given the range of horses, in size and breed and so on. One source states ‘A general rule is that a horse needs half a bale of hay per day to satisfy baseline dietary requirements. But depending on the horse and the hay, the amount may vary.’ Again, the type of hay will affect this figure.

    The included citation contains a great deal of information about the issue. More than I could comment on. It’s a complex issue.

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    Although it varies depending on the horses’ breed, size, age, the temperature outside and  how active the horse is, a good rule of thumb is per every 100 pounds of the horses’ weight you should give two to two and a half pounds of food daily. So an average 1000 pound horse would require 20 to 25 pounds of feed per day. But again, it can vary from horse to horse.

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