how to feed a baby bird



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    It is always best to leave nature in the wild. If the mother bird is attending to the baby, it is best to let her do her job because she is very experienced. If the baby bird has been abandoned or is injuried, it is best to call your local animal rescue center or organization. Wild animals are very difficult to take care of because they are not used to being fed by humans. The bird may not eat or may try to get away and injury itself. The people who work for animals rescue centers are trained and experienced and they will be able to give the bird the best care. It is always best to think about the animal’s well-being first.

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    If the baby bird doesn’t have feathers when it was born, it needs to be fed every 15 to 20 minutes from sunrise to sunset. If the baby is soft and downy when it is born, it usually requires the help of its parents for survival. Call a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible to help it out.

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