How fast is a Tennessee walking horse?



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    Normal walking is from 5-7 mph, but the running walk is more accelerated, at 8-10 mph. This is the gait that the horse is most known for.

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    Utilizing the “running walk”, a Tennessee Walking horse can achieve speeds from 6-12 mph.

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    According to “” the average horse walks at roughly 3-4 mph, trots at 8-10 mph, canters at 10-17 mph and gallops at apx 30 mph (thoroughbreds may gallop at 40 mph — quarter horses may reach 50 mph.)

    According to “”: “most Walking horses are multigaited, but the most desirable gait is the runningwalk.”  The same website noes that a “flat-foot walk” for the Tennessee Walking Horse is between 4-7 mph.

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