how fast does mold to grow in your house?



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    It depends on the conditions of the home. In general mold can grow relatively fast on both organic and artificial surfaces. With the right conditions, mold can grow after 12-48hours. Check out the link for more information.  

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    Different mold has different growth rates, but it is a constant that the mold will take about 24 hours to settle its spores into a moist environment. So, if you can dry out any potential mold growth areas within 24 hours, you should prevent the spores from taking root.

    I hope this helped!

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    There’s not really a concrete answer to this question. First, it depends heavily upon which strain of mold you’re dealing with. Certain molds grow much faster than others. Mold growth rate also depends upon the type of surface it’s on. Organically-based materials, like wood and cotton, enhance mold growth. Temperature is influential, since mold grows best at 25 degrees Celsius. And, of course, moisture increases mold growth rate. A house in Florida will grow mold faster than a house in Arizona!

    Many mold spores can begin to grow within 12 or 48 hours, and they can colonize (move from their original area) within 1 to 12 days, depending on the factors above.

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