How fast do oceans tides travel?



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    good question. I’m not sure. Here’s how they measure the currents in the ocean: : in “Sverdrups” apparently. And one sverdrup is equal to a volume of water that equals a million cubic meters of water per second! According to wikipedia, this is about equal to the entire volume of water that all the freshwater rivers drain into the ocean per second (in gallons you get a better sense of the enormity—264 million gallons of water per second)—so one sverdrup is the amount of water that is pouring into the ocean every second!

    Wikipedia says that the current in the gulf stream varies between 30 and 150 sverdrups because of the temperature range (possibly during the seasons). This other site seems to repeat these figures: it says this: “The Gulf Stream, a surface current in the North Atlantic, carries 4500 times more water than the Mississippi River. Each second, ninety million cubic meters of water is carried past Chesapeake Bay (US) in the Gulf Stream”

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