How fast do glaciers move?



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    It depends on the glacier and its environment.  The Franz Josef and Fox glaciers in New Zealand commonly move a meter per day.  Some glaciers, called surging glaciers, can rapidly advance.  Some surge a whopping 333 feet per day!  The Variegated Glacier in Alaska last surged in 1965 and covered 3 miles in one year.

    Unfortunately, due to global climate change, many glaciers are now receding far faster than they are advancing.  Rising temperatures inhibit weather patterns that allow usual ice and snow buildup.  Glaciers worldwide are shrinking quickly.

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    On record, the fastest moving glacier in the world was the Columbia glacier, between Anchorage and Valdez, in Alaska.  It averaged a neck-breaking 35m a day.  That’s about three football fields each week.  

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