How fast do Avalanches travel?



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    According to the Utah Avalanche Center, dry slab avalanches travel around 60-80 mph, whereas wet avalanches travel much more slowly, around 20 mph. In the case of average-size dry avalanches, they reach these speeds within about 5 seconds of starting, and are almost impossible to escape. A fast snowmobile has a sliver of a chance; anything else is going to be buried quickly.

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    Well a dry snow avalanche can travel at speeds of up to 225 mph with a force equaling that of a hurricane. However, what is also interesting is that as the powdery snow hurtles downhill a further blast of air just as destructive may be sent out ahead of the avalanche, like with pyrocastic flows and volcanoes. Wet snow avalanches on the other hand travel much slower at around 20 mph, this however doesn’t make them any less deadly.

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