How fast can penguins swim?



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    The internet is giving me varying answers. It seems to definitely depend on the species, but in general penguins can get paddling along at a pretty good clip! One site says that penguins generally swim around 3-6mph. However, Emperor penguins can swim up to 9mph. Other websites give very conflicting info, though, with some reporting up to 96mph. Most sites, though, are indicating the data that I gave above.

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    It depends on the type of species. Emperor penguins have been observed swimming 8.9 mph. Kings and chinstraps have been recorded at 5.3 mph. 

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    Flightless birds that have been well adapted to an aquatic life, penguins great speed is in their swim.  The speed of a penguin really depends on the species.  The typical speed for an adult penguin can be up to 10 kilometers per hour.  Penguins can increase their speeds by swimming with a technique called “porpoising.”

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