How fast can mold start to grow in your house if you have water damage?



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    Mold can start to develop in a home within one or two days after experiencing water damage. It can grow anywhere dark and moist, including in walls, under tiles and carpets and in bathrooms. To get rid of mold, try scrubbing it with soap and water and leaving the are open long enough to dry. Remember to wear gloves for protection and to cover your mouth and nose with a mask or bandanna, since mold can be dangerous.

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    Water damage mold can grow very fast, but it depends on what’s been water damaged.  A small water leak can cause molds to grow, but can be prevented by taking care of the problem right away.

    If you’ve experienced flood damage, there is a very high change you’ll develop water damage mold

    You should contact a mold remediation company both to prevent, and to kill mold before it spreads.

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    Molds need a moisture and water damage is the main cause which gives Molds a chance to grow heavily.

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    Water damage is one of the biggest problem now a days, which is the main reason for highly increasing the mold.


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