How fast can great white sharks swim?



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    Great White sharks are known for their ability to swim very fast and very long distances. There have been a few sharks that have been tracked with satellite tags. There was one female shark in 2005 that was tracked swimming 6900 miles, from South Africa to Australia and back, in 99 days. Another young, male shark was tracked swimming 1000 miles, from Monterrey, California down to Mexico, in just 6 weeks.

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    The great white shark is estimated to be able to swim at 15mph.  The fastest human around 5mph and in comparison the sailfish can swim in burst of 68mph

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    When launching themselves out of the water, great whites can reach speeds of up to 35mph. Considering the average great white weighs around 2,000 pounds, the ability to launch itself ten feet out of the water is no small feat.

    A slightly frightening image here:

    and here:

    (Both taken off the coast of South Africa, by husband-wife team, Chris and Monique Fallows)

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