How fast can giant squid swim?



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    Scientists are not sure exactly how fast giant squids can swim. However, based on anatomical clues such as the giant squid’s traits of small fins and weak funnel retractor muscles, scientists believe that giant squids are not that fast. 

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    Like mire2187 noted, scientists actually don’t know how fast giant squids can swim.  What they do know though is that squids are able to move because they have giant axons (nerve fibers) that send signals to their muscles to contract.  What makes them unique though is that squids have the thickets axons in the world.  Their axons are about 1.5 mm wide in diameter which is about 50 x thicker than most animals — including humans.  This large size means that they’re able to send impulses faster BUT because their bodies are so large, the impulses also have to travel a farther distance. 

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