How fast can birds fly?



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    It depends. Regular birds like blue jays, cardinals, sparrows ect. range from 20mph to 40mph at top speed. Birds of prey range from 35mph-50mph in level flight. Pigeons, doves, and geese, swans, and ducks are the fastest birds in general with speeds from 50mph-90mph in level flight. The top 5 fastest flying birds in level flight in order are the spine tailed swift, 106mph, frigate bird,95mph, spur winged goose,88, red breasted merganser,80mph, and the white rumped swift. Although racing pigeons have been recorded attaining speeds of 100mph. Pigeons are also the most efficient creatures in the animal kingdom. They can fly up to 75mph for over 7 hours nonstop or 50mph for over 15hrs. nonstop. Which is ironic seeing as though they dont generally migrate.

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