How fast can a dolphin swim?



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    Dolphins can swim at upto 40km/hr (around 20 miles/hr) due to the special body structure that reduces turbulence.  They spend the least amount of energy when they are swimming at around 8 km/hr.

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    The speed of a dolphin can vary between the different species of dolpihin. For example, the fastest dolphin is considered to be the dalls porpoise, which can reach speeds of up to 65 MPH. Also there are many claims that swimming speeds of dolphins are proportional to the type of prey that they eat. Coastal species that feed on slow moving prey rarely exceed speeds of 10 mph, and oceanic species that feed on faster fish may exceed more 25 mph. Dolphins can reach such great speeds by a process called running where they leap from the water in a series of dives, spending as little time as possible under water.


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    To add some perspective, the fastest human can swim around 5mph.  The sailfish, considered to be the fastest fish, can swim in short distances at 68mph.

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    A dolphin can swim up to 25 mph.

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