How fast are the continents drifting?



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    The Earth’s tectonic plates move anywhere from one to ten centimeters per year.

    The theory of continental drift states the pieces of the Earth’s crust moves around on a liquid core. Alfred Wegener, the scientist who proposed this theory hypothesized that the Earth’s continents were once one giant landmass called Pangaea. Over hundreds of millions of years, movement of tectonic plates has caused the continents to be where they are today, and they are still on the move.

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    A good analogy for how fast the Earth’s continents are currently moving is the speed with which human fingernails grow, maybe even slower. In about 250 million years from now, Africa is going to smash into Europe as Australia migrates north to merge with Asia. The Atlantic Ocean will probably widen initially before it then reverses course and is predicted to disappear after that. 

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