How far would we have to drill to drill all the way through the earth?

I was having lunch with my boss, we were watching the Chilean Miners being hauled out of the mine 2000 feet below the surface and it got us to thinking about this question.



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    The diameter of the earth is about 12,800 kilometers, or a bit over 7900 miles, or not quite 42 million feet.

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    In order to reach the center of the Earth you would have to dig through almost 4,000 (more that 12,0000,000 feet) miles of rock,  while having to run into iron,  mantle, and not to mention the over 12,000 F temperatures.  But what is capable of being drilled today is about 23,000 feet below the seabed, unfortunately drilling that far down takes a lot of time and a lot of drill heads, they ware out quite quickly since they would be trying to drill through some of the hardest rocks known to man.

    Thankfully the drilling operations in Chile were able to get to the miners quite quickly compared to their December estimate.

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